About Us

The Nath Society website provides a place for contemporary Naths to write, to learn and to educate each other. Although we look to India and Asia to learn the accumulated knowledge of past generations, we also look to our own local traditions for information in other forms. The experience and results of using our ancient technologies to achieve Liberation is our main interest.
Until recently, the Nath knowledge base has been written in ancient languages, difficult to translate, and dangerously difficult to understand correctly. The oral tradition, mouth to ear, is seldom available. Here, we shall help ourselves to our own accumulated experience, add to it continuously, refine it through debate and practice and continue our great tradition into the future.
The sect has spread around the world in recent years. Many Naths are developing new and interesting ideas and practices. Scholars are discovering  information that shines a light on the cultures and history that nurtured our cult for thousands of years. Some Naths are grafting our technologies on to already existing western occult traditions. This is a very exciting time to be international 21st century Naths.
No lineage or school holds all the cards. Because we are not a religion, we browse for knowledge wherever we please. We have no prohibitions on information, technology, thoughts or ideas.

“This very body, the Buddha; this very place, the lotus paradise”.

The Nath Society site is run by Lalitanath. I am a Canadian woman who has been a Nath since 1980.
With the blessings of the Nath Gurus, I hope to nurture and promote a fruitful, healthy future for the Naths and psychonauts of all labels. May we attain Liberation in the embrace of the Absolute, our hearts overflowing with gratitude and the pure joy of existence.

May all Beings find Peace Freedom and Happiness.