New books and articles will be added to this site regularly. Eventually this will be a collection of new writing which will serve young Naths as a database of experience in the field of Liberation. If you wish to contribute your original work you are welcome to contact the administrator of this site.


In Memory of Beaver Chief This  interview by Amanda Silvers first ran in Widdershins Mabon in 1996. It was re-printed after his death in 2001 as “Drumming Circle Now Silent: Beaver Chief Departs This Life Too Soon”. Beaver Chief was a teacher, a healer and a friend of the spirit world. He had clear memories of past lives in India, to which he alludes here. This marvelous interview reveals a man and a tradition at the  spiritual heart of North America. Seek out his music from the Red Cedar Circle on the internet.
If anyone knows how to contact Ms. Silvers I would like to, belatedly, ask her permission to use her copyright article on this site.


The Nath Handbook addresses our modern, international sect. It provides an inspired glimpse of Indian Nath history, practices, beliefs, tools and technologies. This beautifully illustrated and decorated book is meant to delight. It is not an academic text. It is written from the very personal viewpoint of a woman who has been a Nath since 1980, living both in India and in the West.

The Nath Handbook can be viewed two ways. If you have a monitor that is at least 20 inches, the Flipbook version, with side by side pages, will be an enjoyable experience. If you find it hard to read you can either use the “magnifying glass” at the bottom of the Flipbook pages to enlarge each page or download the Handbook as a non-printable PDF.

The book was done by … it is a great piece of technology.

Religion and Meditation

Religion and Meditation by Surajnath and Bhagavannath is a concise, clear and sensible discussion of Nath practices. Surajnath is an Indian Nath practitioner and this book stems from his practice. His biography can be found towards the end of the book. Bhagavannath has rendered the information he received from Surajnath into crystal clear English. This combination has produced a rare treat for Naths, a very practical manual to be used for our Liberation.

Bardo Thodol

Bardo Thodol by John Power is his modern, highly readable and very useful version of the famous Tibetan Book of the Dead. It is meant to be used for the inevitable.
John has just published his classic Nu Tantras of the Uttarkaulas in hardcopy. It is a unique and excellent analysis of a number the Tantras of Mahendranath. He is a Tantric, an Uttarkaula, and was a student and friend of Mahendranath for twenty years.


Shivanath’s Defense of the Dark Arse is a short, funny essay  that dissolves any doubts about the nature of sorcery and coercive magic. Like all of Shivanath’s writing this article has provoked firestorms of furious reaction. In this case the controversy burned so hot, nobody ever got around to reading the essay. Here is your chance.


Shivanath’s Eternalicious is controversial. It is Tantra for gamers, sk8ters, hackers and anyone willing to read original, brilliant, workable Nath technology presented at break neck speed. Shivanath is one of the  most important new Nath writers today. He cracks open language and ideas, spins them around, wraps them in fact and fantasy and presents them with dramatic flourish and  a sinister laugh.

Pranhic Healing

Pranhic Healing by Win Wenger is an excellent start to learning about your own energy field and your energy field in relation to others. This deceptively simple procedure is the first step to healing yourself and others on an energetic level. Win Wenger has devoted his life to increasing human intelligence and our ability to learn more effectively. He teaches Image Streaming which is a wonderful tool, both for learning to visualize, improving your brain function, and learning to meditate effectively. He uses this method successfully to make scientific breakthroughs. His research and your imagination will go far!